Halifax and Lloyds Banks customers unable to use online banking and app


Some customers exclaimed their outrage due to not being able to access their funds

Halifax and Lloyds customers have reported being unable to access their online or mobile banking.

A number of customers are having trouble accessing their online banking while the majority of Lloyds customers are also struggling, according to Downdetector. Users started reporting connectivity issues nationwide at around 10 am this morning.

Both Halifax and Lloyds are owned by the Lloyds Banking Group. The Bank of Scotland which is also owned by the parent firm is also experiencing online issues.

Writing on Twitter, both Halifax and Lloyds tweeted the same message. It reads: “We know some of our customers are having problems logging onto Internet and Mobile Banking at the moment.

“We’re sorry for this and we’re working to have it back to normal soon.” It has not yet been revealed what exactly caused the problems for the banks’ online services.

Some customers have expressed their outrage at not being able to access their banking information online, with one user tweeting: “The Lloyds Banking app has been down for many customers all day. An hour you’d say is fair enough, but all day! What are their supposed technicians doing!?”

Another user wrote: “Lloyds app really taking the p***. Been down for like 4 hours. Fix up!” A third user wrote that they were unable to access the funds they needed for vital vetinary bills.


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