How to Buy Amazon Returns(Your Complete Guide)


What Are Amazon Returns?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the products that you have returned to Amazon? It may be logical to think that these end up back on the shelf for new buyers to purchase. But that is seldom the case. Taking the returns, de-packaging them and then restocking them on the shelf can often cost more time and money than just selling these products for less to other companies who can find buyers for these. Yes! Today, the retailing business is very fast-paced. Everyone wants their products delivered to them as fast as possible. Also, the warehouse space is costly real estate. Putting the returns back compared to putting in fresh products can often work well for the companies.

This is why Amazon, eBay and Walmart often choose to take all the returns, overstocks, shelf-pulls and other products and sell them to liquidation wholesalers. These wholesalers are very adept at taking these stocks and selling them to retailers who can then directly sell these to the consumers. So, in the end, the Amazon Returns ultimately end up in the hands of the customers unless the product is damaged in which case they can’t be sold to customers. This means if you own a Liquidation business be it a wholesaling business or a retailing business you will be able to buy Amazon Returns and sell them to consumers.

Important Things to Consider to Buy Liquidation Stocks

Getting a Trade License

First and foremost you will need a trading license. You can’t sell any product legally unless you have a trading license. So, be sure to apply for it before you venture into starting your business. You can apply for it online as well. But that’s not going to be enough to start your liquidation business. Since you will be reselling the products you need a reseller license as well. It’s a good idea to get all these documents ready before you start anything. Many liquidation wholesalers are only going to sell you liquidation stocks if you have these licensed.

Decide On The Products

You have to know what kind of products you want to buy and sell. Don’t pick up a random assortment of items hoping to sell them and make a profit. Try selling items that you have some knowledge about. If you feel that you don’t have much info or idea about items that you can sell then we suggest you research a bit and learn about the items. For example, if you are looking to sell sportswear then you need some idea about the products to know if the quality you are going to buy is good or not. If you are interested in electronics products then research that.

Find a Good Liquidation Wholesale

A good liquidation wholesaler will provide quality products that you can make a profit on. They will not force damaged products on you. Of course, there is always a chance of getting products that you cannot resell but the chances of that happening are low if you buy from a reputable company. So, you have to research that as well. Try reaching out to people who are already in this business and take their guidance on which company to buy from.

Ensure That You Have a Place to Sell

Once you buy liquidation stocks, you have to be able to push them i.e. sell them to consumers. You can set up a traditional brick and mortar store or create an online store to sell the products. Many people often resell products on eBay and other online stores as well.

Where Can You Buy Amazon Returns?

Now that you know how to buy and sell liquidation stock in general, let’s see where you can buy Amazon Returns. Many liquidation companies sell Amazon liquidation pallets. These contain returned products, overstocks and shelf-pulls from Amazon. Let’s see some companies that you can check out to buy Amazon return pallets, buy Amazon mystery box etc.

  • Quicklotz

This is a company that a lot of people use to buy liquidation pallets. You will find Amazon Returns, Walmart stocks and stocks from retail giants. You can also buy an Amazon mystery box from the site.

  • Bstock

B Stock is another company that you can use. It often runs auctions on returned merchandise from Amazon, Walmart etc.

  • BlueLots

This is a company that only sells to US-based retailers. You can buy quality liquidation stocks here as well. Register on the site to browse the full inventory of the company.

  • 888 Lots

888 Lots is a Liquidation business that many retailers use to buy stock from. Their liquidation stocks generally have a fixed price.

So, these were some of the companies that you can take a look at if you are looking for a good source for Amazon Returns. We hope this article has given you an idea about how to buy Amazon Returns and how to sell these stocks. We wish you all the best for your liquidation business.


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