Is Damian Hurley Trans? His Boyfriend Sexuality, IG- Liz Hurley Son Transitioning


Is Damian Hurley Trans? Everything About Liz Hurley Son Sexuality And More
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There are high suspicions that Damian Hurley, son of Elizabeth Hurley, is transgender. How true is it? Find the details about the actor below.
Damian Hurley is an actor and a model known for ‘The Royals.’
Hurley recently came into the news after the court ruled Damian out of his grandfathers’ trust funds. Peter Bing, his grandfather, reportedly disowned his grandson.
Is Damian Hurley Trans? His Boyfriend And Sexuality
Damien Hurley is not a trans, even though he almost looks like a trans. He also does not have a boyfriend.
Hurley has neither confirmed nor denied that he is trans. So, we can’t comment on his sexuality, at least until he speaks about it. Damian likes to share most of his personal life occurring on social media. And, he has not spoken regarding a boyfriend yet.
It seems Damian is dating a woman named Warrender. He posted some photos with his girlfriend on Instagram as well. IG: Liz Hurley Son, Damian Hurley Transitioning
Damian Hurley is almost unrecognizable with his trasitioning compared to his previous photos on Instagram.
Even though his fashion sense is much towards the feminine spectrum, we can’t exactly say he is transitioning without any confirmation from Damian himself.
The son of Liz Hurley is known for his beautiful facial beauty and hair, hence most people are assuming his change in gender.
Who is Damian Hurley?
Damian Hurley is an actor and model. He was born to Elizabeth Hurly and Stephen Bing.
Elizabeth Hurley is a well-known actress in the UK, and Stephen Bing is a businessman who founded Shangri-La Entertainment. Damian also has a step-sister Kira Bonder. Hurley’s godfathers are Hugh Grant, David Beckham, Elton John, and Denis Leary. Damian Hurley is only 18 years in age.
Further, he had modeled for some of the most prominent photographers and directors, such as Luigi and Iango, at a young age.
Damian appeared on the show ‘Today’ with his mother and in ‘Harry’ as himself. He is working with the model agency Tess Management.


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