Killer of Jobari Gooden convicted of manslaughter for ‘frenzied’ broad daylight knife attack


Jobari’s mother said: “The day he died I died too and without him my life will be empty.”

The man who killed Jobari Gooden, 27, during a “frenzied” knife attack in broad daylight, Peckham, has been convicted of manslaughter.

The court heard how Momodou Lamin Faal, 28 of Lyndhurst Way, Peckham, stabbed Jobari multiple times, in front of “horrified” shoppers on December 17, 2021.

Faal, a self-proclaimed drug dealer, was found guilty of manslaughter at Southwark Crown Court on Thursday, August 11. He was cleared of murder and possession of a knife. 

Jobari’s mother Shawna Manboard said: “My son, Jobari, was taken from me in the most brutal way. His life was taken in a place that he thought he was safe. We have still been given no reason as to why his life was totally destroyed and taken so senselessly. This nightmare has not ended.

“This has been incredibly painful, listening to the defendant blame my son for his own death. He has continued to show a blatant disrespect to his memory and our family. The damage that has been done has not only been to Jobari. Mine and our family’s lives will never be the same again.

“The day he died I died too and without him my life will be empty.”

Police say, in the weeks following the killing, Faal tried to evade police by dressing as a woman, wearing a wig, and obtaining false identification.

But police discovered Faal at a Gillingham address on December 23, where they found him with a passport under ‘Omar Barrow’ and a one-way air ticket to Gambia. 

The investigation began after police received reports of a fight outside a Choumert Road barbers, near Rye Lane at 3.15pm on Friday, December 17. 

Attending officers found Jobari suffering from stab injuries. He was rushed to a south London hospital but despite medical staff’s best efforts, died at 6.08pm.

Detectives began CCTV enquiries and found that Jobari passed Faal at 2.48pm at the junction between Rye Lane and Hanover Park.

Jobari then went in a McDonald’s restaurant with his girlfriend and remerged a few minutes later where he encountered Faal again. An altercation ensued and Faal stabbed Jobari numerous times in a “sustained attack”. 

Faal then chased his victim, who ran some distance before collapsing. Faal had ended his pursuit and escaped on bicycle given to him by an acquaintance. 

When detectives eventually found him in Gillingham, Faal gave a false date of birth, said his name was Omar Barrow, and answered ‘no comment’ to all questions. 

Detective Chief Inspector Brian Howie, Senior Investigating Officer, said: “Faal claimed to have been acting in self-defence but was plainly the aggressor. He repeatedly stabbed Jobari in a frenzied attack in full view of horrified members of the public, who were shopping in the local market.

“Faal told the court that he was a drug dealer and he falsely claimed there had been a long history of incidents between the pair – but there was no justification for the disgusting violence that occurred that day.

“This was senseless loss of a young man’s life which has torn his family apart. Jobari’s Mum and friends attended every court appearance and were there throughout the trial. Jobari’s Mum will never get over the murder of her son, the plans they made together for their future will never now be realised. I want to pay tribute to her for the strength and resolve she has shown throughout what has been a truly harrowing trial. Our thoughts are with her today.

“My officers worked diligently to find and arrest Faal who was doing all he could to elude detectives. Despite all his efforts. we were able to find him, and put together a compelling case. I am glad the jury have been able to see through this web of lies and we have brought Jobari some justice.”

Faal will be sentenced at the same court on Friday, September 16 for manslaughter and possession of an identity document with an improper intention.


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