Wallet Vs Money Clip – All The Differences

Basically the main difference when it comes to the wallet vs the money clip is that a wallet allows you to be able to car a host of different options like; credit cards, business cards, ID’s and of course cash, where as the money clip is designed to only hold cash securely. Technically a money clip can serve the purpose of holding other items that traditional wallets hold, which it can do because most of them are strong either being held together by a spring mechanism or pinch force. Other major differences include:

Material – Money clips for the most parts are made out of hard material like; metal, gold plated, titanium and wallets are generally made out of a softer material like leather and different fabrics.

Comfortability – Another aspect when it comes to the wallet vs money clip is that a money clip can often times feel a little uncomfortable in ones pocket, where as wallets generally have a more comfortable feel and can form in ones pocket to an extent allowing for better comfortability no matter which position you are in.

Paying Speed – It is just a fact that you can pay at registers a lot quicker when carrying a money clip vs carry a wallet as you have much easier access to the money in a money clip. With a wallet you may fumble around a little bit and try to count out the money while looking down upon the wallet taking longer to make your payment. With a money clip you also have complete visibility to what kind of bills you have, allowing you to go straight to the bill size you need.

Security – A money clip compared to a wallet shows your money, whereas a wallet hides all of your money completely. But then again you could argue that you can keep your money clip in your front pocket unlike a traditional wallet, putting it in a pocket that is near impossible to pickpocket as well as has front pockets tend to be deeper than back pockets.

Style – When it comes to the money clip vs wallet style, being that money clips are made of metal and/or shiny material, one will obviously give off a more flashy vibe.

Amount of Money – A wallet can carry a larger amount of bills, where as a money clip is more limited to its holding capacity.

Wallets with money clip

Both money clips and wallets obviously serve their purposes well, but the wallet and money clip usually come separate from one another, which could cause misplacement of your cash if it isn’t in your wallet and in a money clip like for example leaving it in your other pants pockets. There is an excellent remedy to this problem, which there are two solutions which are known as the:

Money Clip Wallet

This option allows you to clip your money on the money clip that is attached to your wallet, often times reversible allowing you to clip your money on the inside or the outside. It also allows you to keep anything else you would keep in a traditional wallet, and comes in bifold and trifold options. We suggest you check Kalibrado Money Clip Wallet.

Money Clip Credit Card Holder

This may sound a little intense at first glance, but don’t let it scare you as it can be another viable option when looking for solutions to your money clip vs wallet questions. This option basically comes in the form of a singular fold which has slots on one side great for stashing licenses and credit cards, which on the other side conveniently sits your money clip allowing you easy access to your green.

Both allow one to enjoy the best of both worlds, as well as providing one with a more compact and skinnier look as the cash doesn’t have to be stuffed into the middle fold like in regular wallets. The other great thing about both the money clip wallet and money clip credit card holder is that they can come with leather coated clips if you are going for both comfortability as well as not trying to show off your cash to much which often happens with shiny clips. So now you don’t have to choose between a money clip or a wallet as now you know that there are other alternatives that can leave you satisfied on both fronts!


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