Ninja Warrior UK Watford Review


Ninja Warrior UK adventure park is a brilliant activity for the whole family. We went along for the preview night of Ninja Warrior UK Watford, in Woodside leisure park and really enjoyed our time trying out the Ninja Warrior UK Courses.

What is inside Ninja Warrior UK Watford?

When you enter Ninja Warrior UK Watford, first you will come to the reception area where there are free lockers to use, and you will be asked to watch a short safety video. After that, you enter the main Ninja Warrior area where you will see a large inflatable course to your left and a Ninja Warrior course to the right, just like the one from the ITV show.

The air park inflatable course has all kinds of obstacles inside and is great for kids to explore. When you come in to Ninja Warrior UK you will be given some grippy socks to wear on this inflatable course, for safety reasons.

The main Ninja Warrior course on the right has two sides to it, with varying difficulty levels and each side has different obstacles to pass until you reach the wall at the end of the course

These courses include monkey bars, cheese, balancing, and lots more. They are quite challenging and are great fun for adults to try out too, along with the older or more adventurous kids.

There is an upstairs section to the adventure park where you can buy food and drinks, easily observe the inflatable course below, and also has party rooms. Ninja Warrior UK would be great for birthday parties, and the packages you can get give you one hour on the course and then one hour in the party room with food.

Who is Ninja Warrior UK Suitable for?

Ninja Warrior UK adventure parks are suitable for children aged 5 years and over. This is for safety reasons. My son and his friend who I brought along to the preview night are both 9 years old, and this is an ideal age to enjoy the park to the full.

Younger kids will definitely enjoy the inflatable courses, and adults are allowed to go around with them to help and supervise.

The main Ninja Warrior UK course to the right of the adventure park is quite challenging, as I mentioned. So if you have a child who is very active and loves to challenge themselves, and is bored of basic soft plays then this will be much more thrilling and is definitely worth a visit. It will be great for teenagers, and I will definitely bring my older kids along to this another time.

How to get to Ninja Warrior UK Watford

Ninja Warrior UK is located in Woodside Leisure Park in Watford, it is in the building where Gambado used to be, near to Frankie and Bennys. There is plenty of parking, and parking is free.

Currently pricing is 13 per ticket, and this is for either one hour in peak times or two hours in off peak times.

I would definitely recommend if you have active kids, come along and try out the Ninja Warrior UK courses, and see if you can beat the wall!


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