Student Travel Tips For A Better Getaway


Traveling abroad can be an exhilarating and enriching experience for students, but they should keep certain factors in mind before embarking on their trip.

Student travelers should try their best to blend into local culture at the top travel destinations; doing so will lessen their vulnerability against thieves and pickpockets.

1. Know your destination

Acquainting oneself with the culture and traditions of one’s destination can enhance any travel experience, as well as prepare them for any challenges that may arise during travel. Students should also be aware of any safety concerns in the area – such as being wary of crowded areas where pickpockets may target tourists; it would also be wise for them to create multiple routes back home in case they get lost at night while walking.

Travel during off-season to reduce airfare and accommodation costs and immerse themselves more fully into local culture and lifestyle. Students can save even more by taking advantage of discounts offered through student ID cards – this includes access to museums, attractions and transportation around the world as well as discounted rates for activities and accommodations through student groups. It is advised that students plan trips six months ahead to ensure sufficient time to save money and find affordable airfare.

2. Be flexible

Traveling as a student can be an amazing way to experience new cultures like coffee culture and expand your perspective, yet you still need to keep in mind your responsibilities and schoolwork. In order to ensure your trip doesn’t interfere with academic performance, make sure your plans remain flexible so as not to impede on academic performance.

If you’re planning a road trip, try planning it as early as possible to save both money and time when making arrangements for airfare and accommodations, plus take advantage of any last-minute deals that might arise. It also pays to pack light – this can save money in terms of baggage fees and storage solutions as well as making group travel simpler overall.

Hopper can also help you keep tabs on prices for your desired destination, enabling you to be informed when ticket prices drop allowing for easier planning of trips and student discounts! Don’t forget about student discounts either!

3. Travel alone

Traveling alone comes naturally for some, while for others it can take effort and practice to find their travel groove. Patience is key – your ideal journey may not show itself right away but over time you should grow to appreciate it more and more!

Researching your destination and learning more about its safest neighborhoods and public transportation are also key to feeling comfortable travelling alone. Knowing exactly how you will move from Point A to Point B during your trip gives confidence to solo travellers.

Learning some basic phrases of the local language is a fantastic way to show respect and build bridges with locals if English isn’t the primary spoken language in your destination country. This will prove especially helpful if English isn’t widely spoken there.

Make sure your budget includes food costs; setting a daily spending limit can help control spending on meals and ensure you do not overspend. Also including activities and tours as part of your plan will allow you to experience all that your destination offers!

4. Travel on a budget

Planning your student travel budget can help maximize your travel experiences while teaching you valuable life lessons – such as budgeting and saving money.

As a student traveling abroad, one effective strategy to save money on flights is booking early and avoiding peak times. Furthermore, researching accommodation costs before booking will save both money and give an authentic local experience. Hostels or shared Airbnb’s can offer better value.

As a college student traveling on a budget, one way to save money when eating out can be doing it like the locals do – visiting local markets or finding cheap street food vendors are great ways to do this! Plus it gives an incredible glimpse into local cuisine and culture!

Traveling as a student can be an unforgettable experience that will open your mind and expand your horizons, inspiring you to pursue your goals or even altering them completely. Make the most of your free time as a college student to enjoy this rewarding adventure while it lasts!

5. Travel with friends

Traveling with friends can often be cheaper than traveling alone, plus you may qualify for group rates and have someone looking out for your safety in crowded places. Before setting off, create and stick to a budget – be clear what that entails so there is no confusion or frustration later when something unexpected pops up – otherwise one person could wind up footing the bill or being limited on spending.

As with traveling with others, it’s also important to set aside some quiet alone time each day in order to recharge and decompress. You could set aside an hour or two each day for this purpose – reading a book, taking a bath, or meditation are all excellent ways of decompressing! Having some alone time helps ease irritation when travelling – such as dealing with phone calls that last too long or an indecisive friend; having quiet space helps make coping with issues such as this easier as well as potentially lead to tension or even arguments; addressing problems early may help overcome tension or even lead to arguments during your travels!


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