What cleaning services do domestic cleaners offer?


If you’re looking for domestic cleaners, finding a cleaner that provides all the services you may need in the future is a great idea. Even if you just need regular cleaning services right now, choosing a cleaner that offers more allows you to rely on them for all your cleaning needs. So, just what do domestic cleaners offer? Well, we can’t speak for every domestic cleaner in the world, but here are some typical services that most domestic cleaners will be able to offer you.

The cleaning services domestic cleaners can do

Regular domestic cleaning

We’re sure you’re all familiar with regular domestic cleaning services. These are where domestic cleaners come to your home once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. During pre-booked time slots, domestic cleaners will get any cleaning tasks you ask them to do done. This could be hoovering, washing up, changing beds and folding clothes, for example. The average time slot for a domestic cleaner is two hours, and they will typically visit once a week. Having a cleaner in your home for two hours a week can really help you manage the daily cleaning chores and help you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying yourself.

Deep cleans

If you’re looking to start fresh with your home cleaning, a deep clean is ideal. These are like spring cleans, but any time of year. Typically a team of domestic cleaners will come into your home and clean every inch of it. This includes cupboards, skirting boards, bathrooms, kitchens and more. You can even include carpet and upholstery cleaning services in deep cleaning in many cases.

Deep cleans are ideal if you’re selling your home, haven’t had time to clean for a while, or you’ve just moved into a home that hasn’t had a deep clean for a while. This puts your home back to square one again and means that a regular domestic cleaning service can easily maintain this level of cleanliness going forward.

Housekeeping services

Housekeeping services are very much like domestic cleaning services, but the cleaner is with you for longer. If you feel that regular domestic cleaning services aren’t offering what you need, this is a great option. A housekeeper can be in your home every day if you need them to be and tackle all of the regular cleaning duties that you need them to. They can also do certain other odd jobs, like basic food shopping and even picking up your kids from school.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

While almost all domestic cleaning services include hoovering the carpets, it is still worth having your carpets cleaned every so often. You only need to move a piece of furniture to see how much your carpets have changed colour over the years. Carpet cleaning is like magic. Whether you have a few stains you’d like to get rid of, or you just want to keep your carpets looking new for as long as possible, give carpet cleaning a try.

Upholstery cleaning is another fantastic cleaning service that not many people take advantage of. However, you’ll be amazed how quickly your sofa, curtains or dining room chairs can discolour just with everyday use. Upholstery cleaning can transform any soft furnishings and bring them back to life.

Ironing services

Domestic cleaners make ironing look easy and enjoyable. They can iron a huge stack of clothes in no time at all and do an expert job of every shirt on the pile. Ironing is one of those domestic tasks that takes us mere mortals hours and hours to do, and very rarely do we get the results we want. Ironing services are typically very good value for money and save you a ton of time. Plus, a lot of domestic cleaners will offer in-house ironing services. So, your clothes never leave your home. You can even ask most domestic cleaners to include ironing in your regular domestic cleaning service!

The more cleaning services that a domestic cleaning company can offer you, the better. Some domestic cleaners offer much more than we listed above; however, these cleaning services are what we consider to be the minimum. Other cleaning services for the home may include after party cleaning, after building cleaning, antiviral disinfectant cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. By using domestic cleaners that offer these services and more, you’ll be covered for every cleaning situation that comes up in the home.


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