Where Is Jonnie Miller Today? Daughter Of Glenn Miller – Husband & Children


Where is Jonnie Miller Today? According to a website dedicated to Glenn Miller, on March 1, 1989, she purchased the house where Glenn was born 85 years earlier to manage the preservation, maintenance and interpretation.

Jonnie Miller is a daughter of a famous Glenn Miller, an American Big band trombonist, bandleader, composer in the Swing era.

Glenn was the best-selling recording artist from 1939 to 1942, leading one of the best-known big bands.

Where Is Jonnie Miller Today?

As per the latest details, Jonnie Miller lives in Clarinda, Iowa, with her husband Virgil and an extensive family to run the Glenn Miller Foundation. 

Jonnie Miller”s whereabouts on today’s date are difficult to find. Jonnie has not been active on social media, and her presence has not surfaced on the other portals. 

At the same time, on March 1 1989, she bought a house where her father was born to manage and maintain it. 

There is an article on her high school portal where is remembers her high school memories. 

She said those were memorable times with friends and friendships that have lasted a lifetime and go as far back as schools.

Jonnie studied in the high schools of Valentine and Huntington, whereas she received BA in English as her Bachelor’s degree. 

She worked as an executive secretary at Catalina, Inc. and for various temporary secretarial service agencies.

Who Is Glenn Miller Daughter? Wikipedia Explored

Jonnie Miller is one of the children of Glenn Miller apart from her brother Steven Miller.

She has raised four children – Brandon, Blake, Jill and Blair, and now have Miller and Brice, two beautiful stepchildren. Together, Virgil and Jonnie have ten grandchildren.

She has participated in various volunteer activities related to the children’s interests and volunteer groups in the community.

She had the privilege to be part of events honouring her father, Glenn Miller, and his legacy for much of her life. 

The purchase of the house was a highlight and restoration of Glenn Miller’s birthplace home in Clarinda, Iowa, in 1989.

Glenn Miller Foundation’s creation is instrumental in building a museum adjacent to the home.

Jonnie Miller Husband Virgil Miller & Family

In 2000, Jonnie Miller reconnected with her old college boyfriend and classmate, Virgil Hoffman, and eventually married.

They feel very blessed to have each other to share life.

She enjoys time with children, grandchildren, and friends and gardening, art, music, church, travel, and beach activities.


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