Who Is Carrie Symonds Mother Josephine McAfee? Details To Know


Carrie Symonds mother Josephine McAfee moved with her daughter to look after her grandson, Wilfred. Find out more about Josephine’s age and Wikipedia in this article.

Josephine McAfee is a former lawyer. She previously worked for the newspaper, ‘The Independent’ where she met Carrie’s father.

Further, McAfee is also a celebrity family member. She is the mother of politician Carrie Symonds and mother-in-law of the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Who Is Carrie Symonds Mother Josephine McAfee? 

Josephine McAfee is a renowned former lawyer.

She extensively worked in the law field before joining The Independent as a legal consultant. As of now, she is retired and is spending time with her family.

Josephine is also the mother of a reputed politician, Carrie Symonds. Also, she is in the limelight for helping Symonds to take care of her son, Wilfred.

Carrie is an activist, conservationist, and the wife of the UK’s PM, Boris Johnson. The couple tied the knot on 29 May 2021 after nearly 3 years of relationship.

They also share a beautiful child named Wilfred. Previously, Boris was married twice and has a few children with his previous partners.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds were married in a small ceremony at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday, No 10 confirmshttps://t.co/3EA2jGhFSJ

— BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) May 30, 2021

Josephine McAfee Age and Wikipedia

Josephine McAfee appears to be in the age range of 55-65 years old.

McAfee’s name is listed on the Wikipedia page of her ex-partner.

She is an ex-lawyer and came to the hype after joining The Independent. There, she had an affair with a married journalist, Matthew Symonds.

Matthew is a journalist and executive director of the Larry Ellison Foundation. He is also a co-founder of ‘The Independent’.

At that time, Matthew was not divorced and had a wife and three children. Josephine gave birth to Matthew’s daughter in 1988 and raised her single-handedly.

Wilfred Johnson: first picture revealed, as Boris and Carrie announce son’s namehttps://t.co/0GgBOMIKBY

— King Arthur (@Antipolluters) May 2, 2020

Josephine McAfee Net Worth

Josephine McAfee’s net worth details are under the curtain.

But she lives a lavish life with her daughter and son-in-law. Moreover, she takes care of her grandchild, Wilfred, and spends quality time with him.


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