10 Top Investments For Accredited Investors


Investment is crucial for maintaining a secure financial future. Without investing your money, your cash or savings account continually loses purchasing power due to annual inflation and you miss out on growth due to appreciation or compounding interest. As the economic consequences from the Coronavirus outbreak have shown, a steady economy can be flipped on its head in an instant, leaving people who haven’t planned for it scrambling for cash. Those who were able to retain their assets, on the other hand, may have fared well, as market experts have revived the economy well into 2021. 

However, with low yields on Certificates of Deposits and bonds, specific assets at spectacular values, and the market still recovering, what strategies should investors contemplate in the final quarter of 2021? How can you make your money work for you?

One technique is to invest in a combination of safer and riskier, higher-return investments. Keep reading to find out more! This article lists and explains 10 investments for accredited investors. 

Why You Should Consider Investing Investing can offer you a second income source, enable you to save for retirement, and clear your debt. Above all, investing helps you achieve your financial objectives by growing your purchasing power in the long run. 

Suppose you’ve recently liquidated your property or received a fortune. Allowing your money to work for you is an excellent idea. While these 10 investments for accredited investors can help you grow funds, you must weigh the benefits against the risk. 

You’ll need to be financially buoyant to do so, which means having manageable debt, having an appropriate emergency fund, and the ability to ride out the market’s ups and downs without having to use your capital. 

Various investment options are available, ranging from safe options like money market accounts and CDs to medium-risk alternatives like corporate bonds and more effective risk options like stock index funds. 

The diversity is terrific since it means you can select top investments that provide a range of returns while still fitting your risk profile. Additionally,  you can combine your top investment options to build the best well-rounded and varied portfolio. 

Best Investments For 2021 

There are many top choices to make for established investors right now. Some of the best investments for 2021 include: 

1. Certificates Of Deposit 

Most banks usually issue certificates of deposit, or CDs, which often pay a greater interest return than savings accounts. The maturity dates of these government-guaranteed time deposits might range from a few weeks to many years. 

Because they’re “time deposits”, you can only take the money out after a specific amount of time has passed. The financial organization pays you interest on a CD at set intervals. When it matures, you’ll receive your initial capital plus any interest that has accrued. 

CDs are a terrific alternative for retired people who don’t require quick income and can keep their money for a while due to the investment’s security and higher returns. 

2. High-Yield Savings Account 

A high-yield digital savings account gives you a return on your cash deposit. And, like a savings bank account yielding pennies at your local bank, high-yield interest savings accounts are easily accessible carriers for your money. 

Because interest banks have lower administrative costs, you may often earn significantly higher interest rates. 

Furthermore, you can access the funds by rapidly moving them to your central bank or perhaps by using an automated teller machine. A savings account is an excellent option for those who’ll require cash in the immediate future. 

3. Government Bond Funds 

Government bond funds refer to mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in fixed-income securities provided by the United States government and its institutions. 

T-bonds, T-notes, T-bills, and mortgage-backed investments offered by government-sponsored organizations like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are among the debt instruments in which the Funds invest. 

These government bond ETFs are ideal for low-risk investors. These funds are also suitable for first-time investors and those seeking cash flow. 

The three options above are good investments for beginners trying out the financial market for the first time. 

4. Corporate Bonds 

Corporate bonds function similarly to government bonds, except that you provide a loan to a firm rather than the government. 

Because these investments aren’t government-backed, they’re a risky option. And if it’s a high-yield bond, they can be more dangerous, with a risk/return profile more akin to stocks than bonds. 

5. S&P 500 Index Funds 

An S&P 500 index fund is an excellent alternative if you wish to earn higher interest than more typical banking products like bonds, although it comes with increased volatility. 

The fund is built on approximately 500 of the largest US corporations, including several of the world’s most successful organizations. 

An S&P 500 index fund, like practically any other fund, provides rapid diversification by allowing you to hold a portion of those firms. 

6. Rental Housing 

Real estate is a classic long-term investment in many ways. It costs a lot of money to start, the commissions are relatively high, and the profits are often obtained by owning an asset for long periods. 

Rental housing can be an attractive investment since you can take a loan for most of the cost and repay it over time. 

This option is more popular now that interest rates are reaching historic lows. People who desire to be sole proprietors can do so by owning a property. 

Additionally, several tax regulations favor property owners. If you have the required funds, you can also invest in rental property online. 

7. Individual Stocks 

A stock is a share of a company’s ownership. They provide the highest possible return on investment while subjecting your funds to the most volatility. 

You can also buy and sell Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) like you would individual stocks, but they are comprised of dozens or hundreds of different types of stock shares to diversify your portfolio. 

8. Robo-Advisor Portfolio 

You can choose not to invest yourself and instead leave the work to experienced professional Robo-advisors. 

With a Robo-advisor, you deposit funds into the Robo wallet, and it invests it for you depending on your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. 

When you start, you’ll complete some surveys so that the Robo-advisor will understand what you require from the service. It’ll then oversee the entire process. 

The Robo-advisor will choose funds, often low-cost Exchange Traded Funds, and create a portfolio for you. 

9. Dividend Stock Funds 

Dividend-paying stocks might make your equity market investments a little safer. Dividends comprise parts of an organization’s profit that are paid out to shareholders quarterly. 

With a dividend investment, you’ll not only make a return on your capital through long-term economic appreciation, but you’ll also generate income in the short term. Compounding interest is one of the surest ways to wealth!

10. Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is a type of electronic-only virtual currency designed to be used as a means of exchange. 

It has grown in popularity over the previous decade, with Bitcoin being the most widely used digital currency. Ethereum and Litecoin are also very popular crypto assets.

Cryptocurrencies have been a popular property in recent years, as investors have poured money into the market, driving up prices and attracting even more traders. 

The Bottom Line On The Best Investments

These 10 investments for accredited investors can be a terrific way to grow your wealth over time. 

However, before embarking on any of these investment options, you need to conduct adequate research and understand all the details about them to avoid future mistakes. All investments carry risk and it pays to do your own due diligence or work with a financial professional in some cases.


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