Top Tips to Improve Men’s Health and Well-Being


Health and well-being in men is a topic that is increasingly being discussed in society. In recent years, research has indicated that men are far more likely to commit suicide than women. It is estimated that in the UK, three-quarters of all suicides are committed by men. The reasons for this are diverse and complex but studies indicate that men are less likely to seek help when they experience problems, and over time, this can lead to extreme levels of stress and depression. In this article, three top tips which can be used by men to take positive steps to improve their general health and well-being will be explored in detail.

Talk About Problems

As previously mentioned, men are often more reluctant to talk about their problems than women. This may stem from the commonly accepted stereotype of men needing to be strong silent types who deal with life’s problems on their own. However, it should be recognized that this mindset is a truly dangerous one, and when serious problems occur, it is far better to seek help to rectify them. Men need to recognize that an important way to control stress from life’s problems is to confide in close friends or relatives whose opinions and values they respect. The simple act of talking in confidence to someone close can immediately help to gain an alternate perspective on problems and there is a certain relief from unloading the burden of worry and not simply holding it on your own shoulders. If a man finds that they do not have anyone to confide in, there are other ways to talk about problems in confidence. Helplines, such as the Samaritans, are set up in England and Wales to offer a confidential listening service for any person who is experiencing stress and worry.  

Act Against Hair Loss

For some men, experiencing hair loss is a distressing experience that can impact their well-being and self-image. Some men can begin to experience hair loss as soon as in their early twenties and it can lead to a feeling that they are growing old before their time. Thankfully, there is a clinically proven hair loss treatment in the form of finasteride 1mg tablets that is extremely effective in combatting male pattern baldness. Products such as this can allow the stimulation of new hair growth and can be an ideal solution for men who wish to keep their hair.

Stay Fit

A key way to both achieve and maintain a healthy mind and body is by taking part in regular exercise. When men undertake vigorous exercise, it can stimulate the release of the body’s
“feel good” hormones, such as dopamine. These can promote feelings of well-being and contentment. In addition, staying fit has a wide range of physical health benefits. It can promote increased muscle strength and can improve endurance levels, which can benefit a man in his daily life. Staying fit and healthy can also reduce the likelihood of suffering from a range of serious health problems in later life. The risks of suffering from cardiovascular disease and experiencing a stroke can be lessened significantly by undertaking a regular plan of exercise. In short, staying fit is highly beneficial for mental and physical well-being and fitness activities should be undertaken during all stages of a man’s life.


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