If “Bewitched” was so successful, why was it canceled just when it was going to have more chapters?


“Bewitched” came to TV in 1964 and was a boom not only in the United States, but also in various countries, such as Peru. The iconic television series is still in the memory of thousands of fans, which is why it is broadcast on TV in our country through Willax. However, the bitter reality of her scenes is that the story of Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) Y Darrin (Dick York) it didn’t make it past season 8.

“Bewtiched” it overcame several challenges throughout its broadcasts: it had to postpone the premiere of its pilot chapter due to the death of JF Kennedy, it suffered the replacement of one of its protagonists and it saw various stars die. Even so, it couldn’t help but be cancelled.

Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha. Photo: ABC

Why was “Bewitched” cancelled?

Unlike other series, such as “My beautiful genius” (whose ending ended up disappointing viewers), Bewitched —as it was titled in English— did not necessarily have a concrete closure in its narrative, since its producers planned to continue with more episodes. With this in mind, his departure from the air left a bittersweet feeling among the fans.

The reason behind this abrupt decision was revealed a few years later, when Fox News interviewed Herbie J. Pilato, author of “Twitch upon a star” and other books on classic television.

“It was not canceled due to low ratings. ‘Bewitched’ was actually renewed for seasons 9 and 10, but Elizabeth Montgomery wanted out. It was around this same time that Montgomery’s marriage to Asher began to unravel. The sitcom came to an end in 1972 and the couple divorced a year later.Pilate confirmed.


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