Jaime Bayly: what does his eldest daughter, Camila Bayly, do, and why are they apart?


Product of his marriage to Sandra Masías, the Peruvian writer Jaime Bayly has 2 daughters. We tell you what her eldest daughter does, who leads a successful life far from Peru and keeps her distance from her father.

The Peruvian writer Jaime Bayly and his partner, Silvia Nuñez, have had a fairly stable relationship for 10 years. They have even started a family. The two met in 2007 when Núñez attended the show. “The Sniper” on Latin Television. The writer herself confessed in one of her books that she did not think she was going to fall in love with her, since she had not planned to speak to him or ask for an autograph. However, the moment they saw each other there was a special connection.

Despite the fact that Jaime lives one of the best stages of his life with his partner, his happiness is not complete because he is distanced from his daughters Camila and Paola. Who is her eldest daughter? Coming up next, we tell you.

What does Camila Bayly do?

Camila, the eldest daughter of Jaime Bayly and Sandra Masías, was born 30 years ago in Washington DC and studied Finance at one of the Ivy League universities in the Big Apple.

According to the column he wrote Bayly for ABC titled “The silence of the eldest daughter”, her eldest daughter is currently studying Law at the University of Pennsylvania. Thanks to her university studies, she managed to work in an investment bank, for which her father points out that she is a much more intelligent person than him. “She is very intelligent, much more so than her father, and very ambitious, so much so that her father suspects she may have political ambitions and, because she was born in Washington DC, aspire to the highest offices in the nation,” the column reads. journalist.

Jaime Bayly had two daughters with Sandra Masías. Photo: LR composition/Instagram capture/@PaolaBayly

Why is Jaime Bayly estranged from his eldest daughter?

since the writer Jaime Bayley He made public his relationship with Silvia Núñez, who is 24 years younger than him, he did not have close communication with his daughters again, he made it known in one of the columns he wrote in 2012.

Camila Bayly is Camila’s sister. Photo: LR composition / Instagram capture / Latina TV capture

“My love for Silvia and Zoe has kept me from Camilla and Paolabut I tell myself that it is only for a while and that soon we will all make peace and love will prevail, which is the superior, luminous force that gave rise to Camila, Paola and Zoe”, he specified.

Although Jaime assures that after 10 years of the cold war their relationship has improved a bit, they are still distant, since many times they do not want to see him on important dates.

Who are the mothers of Jaime Bayly’s 3 daughters?

Sandra Masías

Bayly would have met Masías, as he recounted in one of his programs, when he was 24 and she was 21 years old. Despite the fact that their relationship had always been well referred to by the writer, they were involved in a controversy when it was revealed to the TV media that he, after divorcing, had withdrawn Sandra Masías and her daughter from the home they shared.

Even, in the words of the journalist, his ex-partner, upon learning that he had a new relationship, and as a result of this he was expecting a child, proposed to have one more descendant in the next three years.

Sandrá Masías had a relationship with Jaime Bayly. Photo: Capture America

“I am not going to disappoint Sandra’s illusion, forgive me, but I am a gentleman. If she asks me to give her one more child, I’ll find a way. Forgive me, Silvia, for convincing you to give me permission and keep my promise, ”she said on her TV show“ El francotirador ”.

However, the offer would have remained in the air, since both have no longer been linked again. Sandra Masías has continued with a low profile and has focused on her work as Manager of Services and Development of the hotel company Inkaterra. She has a degree in Political Science from Georgetown University in Washington, DC and a specialization in Hospitality Management from the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Silvia Nunez del Arco

When the relationship of Silvia Nunez del Arco and Jaime Bayley was exposed to show business, caused all kinds of reactions. This was mainly due to age differences, since they were 24 years apart. She was 21 years old and he was 45.

Silvia Núñez and Jaime Bayly are 24 years old. Photo: Instagram/ Silvia Núñez

Silvia Núñez del Arco is a writer and was interviewed in 2007 by the journalist on the program “El francotirador”. She came to confess in one of her books that she did not think that she was going to fall in love with her, since she did not intend to speak to him or ask for an autograph.

Silvia Núñez del Arco had a little girl with Jaime Bayly. Photo: LR composition/Instagram Capture

However, at that moment, they were each in pairs. She was dating a motorcyclist and the writer was with her colleague Luis Corbacho. Later, already in 2010, they announced that they were in a relationship.

It didn’t take long for them to reveal that he and the author were also waiting sweetly. A week before their baby was born, the two got married in Miami, USA. Thus, they both received Zoé, who is the youngest of the journalist’s daughters.


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