Celebrities ask for justice for a girl who was raped in Chiclayo


The case of the girl Damaris It has shocked all of Peru and the population demands justice for her and her family. The under 3 years old was kidnapped and sexually abused by Juan Antonio Enriquez Garcia, in the city of Chiclayo. Faced with these atrocious events, several local celebrity celebrities spoke out on social networks to demand Justice.

This Tuesday, April 12, Damaris was kidnapped and, when found, was taken to Las Mercedes hospital to receive the necessary care. The Second Preparatory Investigation Court ordered nine months of preventive detention for this subject mentioned.

Monica Cabrejos

Through her Instagram account, the television host spoke out upon learning of this event and requested the death penalty for Juan Antonio Enríquez García.

“Life imprisonment, life psychiatric and chemical castration or death penalty? Although they say that it goes against human rights and that it is not a deterrent, the death penalty would be appropriate for such a miserable crime, ”said the writer in her publication.

Mónica Cabrejos demands life sentence for Damaris’s aggressor. Photo: Instagram.

Aida Martinez

The television presenter shed tears when learning about the minor’s case and revealed that she received the images that Juan Antonio Enríquez García had recorded with his mobile. Likewise, she revealed the bank accounts of Damaris’ relatives and encouraged his followers to collaborate with the operation.

Karen Black

The television host received messages of help from the population of Chiclayo to spread the indignation they feel about the Damaris case. Karen Schwarz used her social networks to demand that the violence against children stop and that Juan Antonio Enríquez García be punished with life imprisonment.

“We raise our voice for Damaris. Pain, anger, frustration. Enough of so much violence. Our boys and girls are not touched, they are not beaten, they are not abused, they are not killed. Life sentence for a monster like this guy. We will never be silent again, ”was the message that Schwarz sent to his followers.

Karen Schwarz defends children from violence. Photo: Instagram.

aldair sanchez

The singer of “La voz Perú” expressed solidarity with Damaris and, through her social networks, published an image of the lilac ribbon, a symbol of women’s rights, with which she demanded justice for her and her family.

“We join the pain of a mother who asks for justice. This damage caused to an innocent girl has no name. #YoSoyListónLila. Justice for the girl Damaris Nicole”.

Aldaris Sánchez sympathizes with Damaria on Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

Dahlia Duran

The model is going through a difficult time; However, she was no stranger to the crimes committed against the minor Dámaris and, through her official Instagram account, Dalia Duran published images of the family and the aggressor demanding justice.

“I am heartbroken. Little Damaris, little angel of God. How did they mess with you, baby?”, was the description of this post.

Susan Ochoa

The singer was shaken when she learned of the case of Damaris Nicol and recorded a video in which she showed her concern for the hundreds of women who have been attacked and murdered over the years.

“Today I raise my voice asking for justice for the girl Damaris Nicol, only 3 years old from Chiclayo. I only ask for justice for her and for all these children who are victims of these patients, “was the description that accompanied the following video.

Daniela Darcourt

Another of the national artists who joined this request for justice for the minor was Daniela Darcourt, who through her Instagram stories with a strong message made her outrage against the aggressor known.

“Indignation, rage and impotence. 3 feelings that don’t even come close to what I really feel right now. I’m not a mom, but I have nieces, cousins ​​and sisters. Today was this little innocent, tomorrow who? It is time that no one ever takes away the innocence and the magic of growing up playing from the boys and girls of this universe, ”she maintained.

Daniela Darcourt speaks about the case of an outraged girl in Chiclayo. Photo: Daniela Darcourt/Instagram.

Help channels

If you know someone or are a victim of acts of family or sexual violence, you can contact the line 100 of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, which has a team specialized in providing information, guidance and emotional support.

In addition, Line 100 has the power to refer the most serious cases of violence to the Women’s Emergency Centers (CEM) or to the Urgent Care Service. This service attends the 24 hoursevery day of the year (including holidays).


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