Even with a decent electric razor, achieving a close shave is still not easy. Many end up going through tons of electric shavers looking for “closeness of the shave” to no avail.

While most manufacturers claim to produce the smoothest and tightest-shaving razors around, the four products we’ll discuss today ensure more truth than marketing strategy in that declaration. In the entire market’s selection of the best electric shavers, below are four that stand out for closeness of the shave.


While there’s little to choose between these four in terms of shave closeness, other factors such as thoroughness, skin comfort, precision, and efficiency may come into play when determining your choice.

Arc 5 ES-LV65-S by Panasonic

Not many come close to the closeness in which this Panasonic number delivers its shave. The well-known fact that Panasonic outperforms most named razor manufacturers for the closeness of the shave supports this.

The ES-LV65-S is one of the latest from the company’s second generation of top-of-the-line close shavers. While the ES-LV65-S is not unique in the Arc 5 family for its closeness of the shave performance, it does belong to the generation of products with improved shaving comfort.

The ES-LV9Q comes from the same line of Panasonic electric razors that brought the ES-LV65-S. While more advanced in certain aspects than the latter, it does come with a heftier price tag. All things considered, the ES-LV65-S is still the choice that offers the best value.

Arc 5 ES-LV9Q

Now we move on to the more streamlined version of the ES-LV65-S, the ES-LV9Q. If you don’t mind spending more on your purchase, you can acquire this hassle-free version of one of Panasonic’s flagship razors.

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Coming from the third generation of Panasonic’s Arc 5 line, the ES-LV9Q comes with an improved set of features, of which the most notable are the 14,000 CPM motor and 30-degree nano blades. In addition, enhancements have also been made regarding comfort and aesthetics.

Here are some of the main differences between this model and its Arc 5 predecessors:

  • Foil has been remodeled with two slider rollers for smoother gliding over the face. It also prevents you from pressing the shave too hard on the skin.
  • Uses new suspension technology for better elasticity, allowing the head part to move in all directions at a 360-degree angle.
  • The shaver body is retouched with brushed aluminum.
  • It also comes with a charging and cleaning station.

Despite the massive improvements on this one, its Arc 5 predecessor and the number one item on our list could still be more to your liking for one reason: the reasonable price. There’s definitely quite the price hike on this one, a cost difference you may not find worth bridging despite all its enhancements.

FXFS2G by BabylissPRO

That perfect bald look is within reach with BabylissPRO’s FXFS2G, a model proven to deliver a super-tight head shave. A lot of barbers swear by it, and that makes it a product you can trust.

Getting a tight shave with this model takes five minutes. Plus, the outcome is top-notch smoothness typically associated with a professional shave.
This foil razor is a sturdy workhorse that fits perfectly in your hands and is easy to use. It tends to be a bit heavier than other workhorse razors, but that’s actually a good thing in this model’s case. It offers the level of control needed to be more precise with your shaves.

ProFoil by Andis

A budget-friendly skin-close shave, the Andis ProFoil shouldn’t be one to overlook. It finishes close to the FXFS2G, which is even more impressive considering its relatively low price.

The model works exceptionally well for fade finishing, evidenced by its frequent utilization by barbers and hairstylists for the process. Overall, it also provides a smoother shave than most quality affordable options.
It’s built with dual titanium hypoallergenic foils that contribute to that butter-smooth feel. However, the foils are thinner, which may contribute to them wearing out quickly.

Luckily, replacement foils are cheap and readily available.

The ProFoil doesn’t fall far behind the BabylissPRO in terms of overall performance, but its battery runtime leaves some things desired. Yet, that shouldn’t matter too much, given the considerable price difference between the two.
Lastly, note that the ProFoil is a dry shaver and does not allow for shaving while in the shower. It also isn’t a shaver you should rinse under tap water.


There is nothing to achieving a smooth skin-close shave with any of the above products. None of them should disappoint as far as the closeness of the shave is concerned, but some are better than others when other elements are considered.

The ES-LV9Q is the priciest of the four and most streamlined, while the ES-LV65-S offers the best value for money overall. ProFoil presents itself as the cheapest and most accessible, while the FXFS2G showcases a specialty in controlled and precise head shaving.


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