Genesis Alarcón affirms that Andy Polo forced her to ask her friend for money


Genesis Alarcon showed evidence that would disprove the version that Andy Polo gave in an interview for the Sunday “D-Day”. According to the soccer player, his wife always handled cash for the support of her children. However, the young mother stated that the Universitario de Deportes player forced her to ask a friend of his for her expenses.

In the revealing chats, she communicates with Andy Polo’s friend, ‘Chino’ Herrera’, to ask him to bring her clothes for her son, to buy him a light bulb because he had run out of electricity and even for gas.

Genesis Alarcón’s version

“Did he leave all the money to this friend of his?” Magaly Medina asked Génesis Alarcón. She replied: “Yes, because he had the card saved. He trusted the friend more than me. No (I left a sun). Nothing. Because everything he bought he had to tell Andy what he had spent.”

Andy Polo’s wife claimed that He even asked the soccer player’s friend for diapers and that he could not spend when he went out with his children, because he did not handle cash.

The lawyer of Génesis Alarcón assured that this fact is a type of patrimonial economic violence, for which Andy Polo was already denounced. “He wants to keep her subjugated, that is the behavior and recurring pattern of an aggressor. He knows that if he says that he deposited him, there is not a single sun in the Genesis accounts, “said the lawyer.

Magaly Medina criticizes interview with Andy Polo

Magaly Medina came out in defense of Génesis Alarcón and criticized the interview with Andy Polo despite the fact that it was conducted for a program on the same channel, ATV.

“The intention has been to clean the face of the soccer player; evidently he denies any aggression because today Universitario de Deportes has just announced the official video of the incorporation of Andy Polo, so they had to have an information medium where he said and cleared himself of the strong accusations made against him by Génesis Alarcón, the mother of his two children and his wife still, ”said the driver.


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