Luana D’Orazio, who died at work: compensation granted to the family decided. What is the huge sum


The young woman had tragically died at the Orditura srl ​​in via Garigliano in Montemurlo

For the death of Luana D’Orazio the compensation insurance for the family was decided at more than one million euros. There 22-year-old girl had died on the job, in a tragic accident at the Orditura srl ​​in via Garigliano in Montemurlo. He had been working here for a short time. He left a very young son who will have to grow up without his mother.

There Unipolthe insurance company of the company where the young 22-year-old worker died, has established that the girl’s family will have to obtain compensation of 1.2 million euros for Luana’s death on the job.

11 months after the girl’s tragic death and after the money given by Inail, the insurance company has established that, following the tables required by law in the event of a fatal accident, close relatives are entitled to 336,500 euros (for the mother, father and son) and 100 thousand euros to the disabled brother.

To give notice of the compensation for the Luana’s family the lawyers of the two suspects: the owner of the company Luana Coppini and her husband Daniele Faggi. The maintenance technician Mario Cusimano is also under investigation.

For the three suspects, the Public Prosecutor requested the indictment on charges of manslaughter and willful omission of accident prevention precautions. They will have to present themselves to the judges for the preliminary hearing on 7 April. The judges will also have to determine whether the compensation is sufficient.

Luana D’Orazio, the compensation is not appropriate according to the family lawyers

Meanwhile, the Gesi Group, which takes care of assisting the relatives of the 22-year-old girl who died at work, said that the figure established by the insurance company would not be adequate. But he made no other requests.

The money will be credited only when the current accounts for payments are disclosed. And two new ones will have to be opened by the tutelary judge for the disabled son and brother. But it will be a judge who will have the last word in the civil court.


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