How New Parents Can Childproof Their Home


Children can be an endless source of joy and happiness. Watching them grow into adults is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and they can provide a source of comfort and care for parents as they age.

However, young children are highly dependent and have the potential to cause both themselves and the things around them if they are left unattended. For this reason, ensuring your home is childproof is vital. It will protect your children from getting hurt and ensure they don’t damage your house in the process. We’ve put together a guide with some top tips on childproofing your home. Check it out below.

Choose the Right Kind of Flooring

Children can be messy – there are no two ways around it. Whether they are tracking mud and dirt through the house or spilling food and drinks, they can often leave a trail of destruction behind them wherever they go.

Choosing the right kind of flooring is absolutely crucial. You need something that is durable and easy to clean. Your best bet would be to go for something like LVT flooring or solid wood flooring. These can be the perfect option when looking to childproof your home.

Think About Plug Sockets and Cables

Young children and babies are naturally inquisitive. They will want to thoroughly explore their surroundings and everything that’s in it. While there’s nothing wrong with your children exploring the house, you must ensure that there is nothing that could cause them harm when they are doing so.

All plug sockets should be covered with effective childproof caps. These will prevent your child from sticking anything into the socket, such as a finger or another household item, and receiving an electric shock.

All exposed wires and cables should be covered and kept out of reach as well, as these can also pose a risk to your children.

Secure Heavy Furniture

When babies start to learn how to walk, they will naturally use items around them to support them and help them stand. Usually, they will hold onto furniture like chairs, sofas, and table legs. You must ensure that all furniture is secure and that it will not slide around or move when your child grabs onto it. Additionally, make sure that any items placed on top of furniture, like a TV, for example, are securely in place and are not at risk of falling should your child touch or move them.

Install Childproof Window Locks

Young children will be naturally curious about the outside world and will enjoy watching the world go by from the window. For windows that open outwards, you will need to install window locks to ensure your child does not accidentally open the window if they lean on it. This is particularly important if you live above the ground floor and can prevent your child from falling out the window. Childproofing the home is an essential step that all new parents must take to safeguard their children. While utterly removing risk can be tempting, the idea of a childproofed home is more about controlling risk as opposed to eliminating it. They must learn what hurts. A childproofed home encourages play but with a controlled safety net.


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