Íngrid Olderöck, the officer who subjected prisoners to ‘dog rapes’


Ingrid Olderock was an officer of carabineros -the Chilean Police- and agent of the Directorate of National Intelligence (Dina) in Chile. Although several of her colleagues distinguished her for her “exemplary work of hers”, this woman stands out for her heinous acts.

According to the medium ‘Guioteca’, Oldröck became one of the protagonists of the history of Chile when she was found in the documents that record abuses committed by state officials at the time of the military coup.

His torture method was quite dark. The place where he worked was called The Sexy Bandage and it was a detention center where they trained dogs to rape female prisoners.

It is said that his cruel way of being was due to his roots, added to the education he received in the DINA. To understand this, it is better to recount the most important events in the life of this woman.

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Olderöck trained dogs to rape women and thus torture them.

His story

Ingrid Felicitas Olderöck Benhard was born in 1944. Her parents were German and emigrated to Chile at the end of World War II.

As ‘Guioteca’ explains, Olderöck grew up with nazi ideals instilled by his parents, with whom he identified and was proud until the day he died. This is attributed to his heartless behavior.

According to Nancy Guzmán, the author of the book ‘Ingrid Olderöck, the dog woman‘, the agent always presented sadistic behavior. This stems from her upbringing, since her parents raised her and her sister in a very violent way.

As explained by Guzmán in an interview exposed in the medium ‘El Mostrador’, Olderöck he had his own sister tortured to keep the inheritance of her parents, which shows the scope and level of sadism of this woman.

In 1970, Olderöck entered the police school and in 1973 he joined the Dina, the organization created by Augusto Pinochet and former Chilean Army General Manuel Contreras, through his dictatorial mandate, in order to combat the “internal enemy”, the communist opposition.

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Olderöck was one of the officials who was at the service of the Dina, created by Augusto Pinochet.

The agent was trained in the institution, along with 70 other women, to carry out espionage activities, torture and kidnapping against opponents of the dictatorship.

He is also credited with his participation in the Operation Condora system of persecution and repression, backed by the State, against leftist opponents, through which atrocities were committed that violated human rights, as reported by the web portal of ‘El Orden Mundial’ (EOM).

The harassment that made her famous was for her work at La Venda Sexy, the Macul detention center, a commune located in Santiago de Chile, where she used her trained dog. volodya to rape female prisoners.

In addition, according to ‘El Mostrador’, it is said that Orderöck was responsible for the thousands of disappearances and murders of the Dina during the puren brigadean operation that sought to persecute leftist opponents and was directed by Army Major Raúl Iturriaga Neuman.

The beginning of your end

In 1981, the agent suffered an attack by the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR), in which she received a shot in his head. The bullet lodged in her head and caused several health complications.

According to ‘Guioteca’, Orderöck stated that his real attackers were sent from Carabinieridespite the fact that the institution always named her an “exemplary officer” and a woman of “outstanding virtues”.

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Despite having committed multiple tortures, Olderöck was never tried in court.

For this reason, the woman could never be tried or investigated by the Court of Justice. she had a brain problem that was attributed to his attack, for which he always lived in impunity.

His death and fame

Ingrid Olderöck died at the age of 58 in 2001 due to a digestive hemorrhage internal. Since then, it has been a source of inspiration for literary and audiovisual works.

Nancy Guzmán began research on this woman in 1996, in order to be able to write her book ‘Ingrid Olderöck, the dog woman’, a work from which they also adapted a movie called ‘I love a dogs’, directed by Guillermo Alfaro.

The author stated that, during the interviews with the agent, she proved to be a sadistic and cold person. In addition, she always spoke proudly of the Nazi era, stating that she brought a lot of peace of mind to German citizens.

Additionally, the Chilean short film ‘Beast’ it was another representation of Olderöck’s life. This film, directed by Hugo Covarrubias, is now in search of an Oscar Award.


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