Golfer Lidy Villalba de Heinz shot to death in Jalisco


The golfer and former PRI candidate, Lidy Villalba.RR.SS.

The golfer and former PRI federal deputy candidate in San Luis Potosí, Lidy Villalba de Heinz, was shot to death this Thursday in the municipality of Ojuelos, Jalisco, at the hands of an armed commando. The woman was traveling in a white Cadillac truck, along with other people and her escorts, when the criminals intercepted the vehicle, supposedly to commit an assault. During the exchange of fire, one of the athlete’s bodyguards, who was traveling in another car, also died, according to the authorities. In total, five people have been injured in the shooting.

The San Luis Potosí prosecutor, José Luis Ruiz Contreras, has reported that Villalba had participated in a tournament in Guadalajara and was on his way to San Luis Potosí. “It was an unfortunate event where there is a woman who lost her life and five people were injured in an event that began in Ojuelos, Jalisco and ends in the territory of Zacatecas,” said the prosecutor.

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) has opened an investigation folder to clarify the homicide and works in collaboration with the Potosina, Jalisco and Zacatecas prosecutors to find the culprits. “The folder is made up of the FGR who finally processed the scene of the incident and also to lift the body that was left there and secure the truck that was involved,” said prosecutor Ruiz Contreras.

Relatives and acquaintances of the victim have lamented the murder of the golfer through social networks. “Lidy Villalba, a great human being: my dance classmate for 15 years, always willing to help and with a beautiful smile, good memories. She already rests in peace ”, her friend Silvia Foyo has written. The Mexican Women’s Golf Association has mourned the death of the athlete and former director of the organization. “We express our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Lidy Villalba de Heinz. Former director of AMFG. Rest in peace”.


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