Duvalín, Panditas and Paleta Payaso: know all the products that will leave Bimbo


Mexico.- This Monday it was announced that the Mexican company Group Bimbo had reached an agreement to sell its business Ricolino a Mondelēz Internationala company that owns Trident, Oreo and other confectionery brands, for a total amount of 27 billion pesos.

By finalizing the sale agreement, the corporate led by Daniel Servitje would be getting rid of the following iconic brands in the Mexican market: Clown, Kranky, Duvalín, Chocoretas, Panditas, Lunetas, Bubulubu and Dulcigomas palette.

In addition to this, the Bimbo company would be transferring the products that Ricolino operates under the brands Vero, Coronado and The Crownbrands that are a benchmark in terms of the Mexican candy and sweets market.

Ricolino was born in 1970, with the idea of ​​creating and incorporating Barcel into Grupo Bimbo, all with the aim of building a highly relevant and profitable pillar in the candy and snack markets nationwide.

However, only 7 years later, in 1977, the decision was made to divide Barcel, SA de CVso that the Barcel brand could specialize in savory snacks, and in this way, Ricolino would only deal with the segment of sweets and chocolates.

Bimbo sells Ricolino

This day, various media outlets released the news that Grupo Bimbo had decided to sell its Ricolino confectionery business for 27 billion pesos to Mondelēz International.

Through a statement sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), the bakery company emphasized that the sale of its business will allow it to become the strongest international leader in grain-based foods, by concentrating only on the bakery industries. and snacks.

In 2021Ricolino had a total profit of 10 thousand 147 million pesos in sales. The business employs around 6,000 workers and has 4 plants, which are distributed under the Ricolino, Vero, La Corona and Coronado brands.

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“We deeply acknowledge the Ricolino family for this great achievement and are very grateful for their commitment and hard work. I am fully confident that Mondelēz will promote these excellent brands and accelerate their growth”, remarked the CEO of Grupo Bimbo.


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