Practical Benefits of Private Number Plates


Are you thinking of investing in a private number plate for your car but not sure if it is worth it? As well as looking making a great impression, there are also many practical benefits to having a private number plate proudly displayed on your vehicle.

From deterring thieves to helping you find your vehicle more easily, read on to discover six practical benefits of private number plates. Plus, where to get one!

  • To deter criminals

One of the most obvious practical reasons why you should get a private number plate is to deter criminals and combat theft. On the most basic level, private number plates are more recognisable and distinctive, which means that thieves could be more likely to get caught with a vehicle displaying one.

Furthermore, if your vehicle does get stolen, a private number plate is much easier for members of the public to spot, which means you are more likely to get your car back.

  • To advertise your business

If you are a business owner, a private number plate offers one of the most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

Cherished number plates can last a lifetime, too, which means that they offer unlimited advertising opportunities and a great return on investment.

  • To find your vehicle

If you are prone to forgetting where you have parked your car, or you often park in crowded car parking lots or streets, then a private number plate is just what you need to help you find your vehicle with ease.

As mentioned above, private number plates are a lot more distinctive, and therefore, you should be able to easily spot your vehicle even if it is surrounded by a sea of other cars.

  • To hide the age of your car

The DVLA’s standard registration plates include age identifiers, which means that everyone can easily see how old your car is. If you would prefer for this not to be the case, then a private number plate is a great idea.

Although you can’t customise a number plate to make your vehicle appear newer, you can conceal the age of your car and give it a more timeless look.

  • To personalise your vehicle

Whether you have a car, van or motorbike, private number plates offer a great way to personalise your vehicle. You can choose private numbers plates that are based on your name, initials or occupation, with literally thousands of different combinations to choose from.

Dateless number plates are particularly popular as there are fewer restrictions on numbers and letters, so you can get even more creative!

  • To give as a gift

If you are looking for a great gift for a motoring enthusiast, then look no further. Private number plates can help to take their vehicle to the next level without blowing your budget. There are lots of places to order private number plates from, with fast delivery options and so many different plates to choose from.


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