The Top Reasons Why a Fairground or Carnival Theme is Perfect for Your Next Event


If you’re thinking of your next big event – an anniversary, a 50th birthday party, a company family day, or a fundraiser – you probably have different ideas about the theme. Themes are great for any event because they give the event ‘spice’ – something that will make it more exciting. Plus, if you have a theme, it will be easier to choose the other aspects or elements of your event, be it the food, the entertainment, the activities, and more. But what theme should you choose? A carnival or fairground theme will always be a hit, and for good reason. It can bring your guests together as they bond over well-loved and familiar games, activities, and rides, and it’s much easier to plan it nowadays because you’ve got some expert help. So why else is it special? Here are the top reasons why a fairground or carnival theme is perfect for your next event.

  • It’s ideal for everyone

Most people are familiar with fairgrounds or carnivals – we have spent a large part of our childhood in such places, after all! And while specific themes may only be interesting to certain age groups (a Disney or Marvel superhero theme for young kids and a Great Gatsby theme for adults, for instance), this theme is perfect for all ages! In other words, if you hold a party or an event with a carnival or fairground theme, you know that it will appeal to people, no matter what age.

And there’s something in store for everyone – the adults and the kids will love the rides and stalls, and the children will especially love the inflatables. There’s no doubt that kids will find something truly mesmerizing and magical at a fairground, while adults will feel nostalgic and have great memories of spending time at a fairground or carnival in their youth. And with the help of fairground hire experts like, you can make your event extra magical by customizing it and adding some wonderful and classic rides such as a carousel and Ferris wheel and new attractions like a bungee trampoline. A fairground or carnival is an excellent choice if you want an event that attracts visitors and attendees regardless of age.

  • It’s friendly on the budget

Some of us may have the mistaken impression that carnivals or fairgrounds are expensive. While there is some truth to this, especially if you will hire the grandest rides and attractions, it’s not to say that it can be affordable, too. You can easily choose the activities and the rides that fit your budget. For example, inflatable castles are a budget-friendly choice, and the food served at carnivals and fairgrounds is also quite affordable (think hotdogs, popcorn, cotton candy, and the like).

  • It’s hassle-free planning

Another reason why carnivals and fairgrounds are popular themes for event planners and organizers is that planning is hassle-free. First of all, several companies can provide you with fairground or funfair hire services, and they aren’t just there for hiring rides and games – they can provide you with an all-inclusive service that includes the menu, the operators for the rides and stalls, and more. Then, all you have to do is find a venue. Some companies can even provide you with the entertainment you need for your event – something to wow the crowd, such as magicians, clowns, face painters, tattoo artists, balloon makers, and so on.


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