Tips On How To Pick The Right Intranet Solution


Sharing photos, updates, stories, conversations, blurbs and other forms of communication are common in today’s world. What does this mean for the workplace as these modes of communication improve and change how people interact? 

This implies that executives and business leaders must use and incorporate all such forms of communication into their processes in order to streamline business activities and enhance team member efficiency. You can incorporate these services into your organisation in a variety of ways. For example, intranet solutions have become one of the most important systems integrations for many modern businesses.

There have been numerous intranet solutions available on the market in recent years. As a result of the numerous available options, business owners may find it challenging to select the best solution for their company’s operations. 

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best solution for your company:

Examine The Reputation Of The Vendor

There are various methods for determining brand reputation. For instance, reading the testimonials on a website can help you determine whether a company will meet your requirements and expectations.

Avoid hiring a vendor who has received mostly negative feedback from past customers. Too many bad reviews usually mean that you will most likely have a similar experience with the said service provider. It’s also crucial to understand the fact that there are dishonest vendors who will pay people to write false testimonials. 

As a result, conducting background checks to discern the legitimacy of the posted reviews is critical. Contact previous customers and ask for details about their experiences with the company if possible. It is always preferable to have firsthand information when selecting the vendor you will eventually use. Also, check to see if they have built company intranets for every industry or do they have a specific niche to determine whether they will be able to meet your business demands.

Look For An Appealing User Interface

Despite the arrival of Industry 4.0, some people continue to fail to capitalise on advancements in technology to improve business operations. As a result, it is critical to look for an appealing user interface (UI) to ensure that all of your employees can use the intranet in their everyday operations.

A complicated user interface will degrade the UX and push some employees to rely on traditional systems. Not only will this decrease its effectiveness in optimising your business operations, but it is also possible that you will lose your entire investment. Conduct thorough research to gain a deeper understanding of your processes in order to select an easy-to-use intranet solution for your personnel.

Consider Security Design

Remote work has increased the likelihood of cyber intrusions over the years. As a result, it is critical to seek solutions that provide maximum security for delicate business data. Allowing these data to get into the wrong hands will harm your company as a whole and your reputation, resulting in a reduced client base.

There are several methods for protecting your network from cyber attackers. Because of technological developments, you can now obtain cloud-based solutions that will help safeguard your business network. Using multi-factor verification, encryption, and other security measures will go a long way toward protecting your delicate information and communication networks from attacks. 

Integration Alternatives

Do you need intranet solutions that work with your current business technology and solutions? If this is the case, look for intranet solutions that can assist you in seamlessly integrating various local apps so that team members, departments and divisions can use them efficiently.


An intranet solution is equivalent to having a local internet within the organisation. As a result, you must select one consistent with your company’s goals and vision. Most modern intranet solutions today are much more than simple document storage technologies. Look for ones that unify communications and provide better features that allow your employees, team members and departments to share information, documents and records rapidly, securely and in a variety of formats.


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