Aida Cortés: intimate VIDEOS were leaked at the age of 18, she opened OnlyFans and became a millionaire


As is the case with many influencers, Aida Cortés migrated from the Instagram social network to OnlyFans, but how did she make the decision?

The young Colombian was in her fourth semester of college when uA video of her was leaked and flooded the network with her completely naked image in his room, from there, his life would change forever.

“At that moment everything changed. The greetings went from hello Aídita to mmmm! Hi Aida. At that time I had to make strong decisions, I had to start fighting the pressure the harassment of teachers, against things that are behind this world, that people often do not know how to differentiate, that it is work and that real life is something different, “confessed the influencer.

Prior to her arrival at OnlyFans, Aida was already modeling on webcam and chatting with Internet users who came to her virtual room to meet her, but by then, I did not conceive of this activity as a profession.

It was after the leak of the video that Aida Cortés decided to professionalize as a full-time erotic content creator.

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Currently, she is one of the best-paid influencers in all of Colombia and subscribing to access her content costs $19.


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