Firm Group: Eduin Caz breaks down in tears remembering his deceased brother in full concert (VIDEO)


Mexico. – The grouping of Firm Group It has established itself as one of the most important of the Mexican Regional since in recent months it has given something to talk about, especially its official vocalist, the young Eduin Caz originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, who emigrated to Tijuana, Baja California from a very young age.

Currently, Grupo Firme is in musical tour for different states of the Mexican republic and recently, they were in his tijuana homeland, that saw them grow and become great Mexican artists, however, the audience was moved seeing that the main vocalist Eduin Caz let out tears while interpreted his musical success: “Neither the money, nor anything”.

This is because the 28-year-old singer Eduin Caz rHe remembered his brother who was called Giovani and died years ago after being deprived of liberty(kidnapped) as in different interviews he has made it known. However, she has remained aside in not talking much about it of the subject, then, for him it is a private matter and of which he has not finished forgetting.

With tears between the eyes and heartbreak it was like Eduin Caz remembered his friend Giovani whom he considered as his brother, since you have expressed, that they had a very close relationship and friendship that for many years prevailed, became a brotherhood, which to this day does not erase from memory, as well as his unexpected death.

In the videos rescued from the different social networks, such as Tik Tok, the crying of Eduin Caz when singing the verses such as “There are memories that are never erased”, “Let’s do the honor my old man, I can’t think that your love will end” from the melody of “Neither, money, nor anything” have obtained great meaning for Eduin Caz, well, very surely through his mind, pass the beautiful memories that he spent together with his brother Giovani who unfortunately left this earthly plane.

Likewise, the interpreter of “Ya supérame” has confessed that the song of “Ni el dinero, ni nada” It was recorded at his friend’s house, where he spent most of his time, before knowing fame and success And today, those memories are treasured forever, since he confessed that his departure from his “brother” meant a lot.

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“Health for my brother, who is in heaven”, They were the emotional words that Eduin Caz pointed out when singing the song, as well as taking a bitter drink to alleviate the sorrows and the moving hug that the members of Grupo Firme made to comfort Eduin when remembering his deceased brother.


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