Celia Lora leaves fans fascinated with her impact figure; she shows why she is the queen of OnlyFans


The model Celia Lora is a of the most popular mexican celebrities on OnlyFans, a platform where he shares explicit content with his thousands of subscribers. “Here you will find photos and videos never seen before, exclusively for you. In addition, we will chat daily personally, subscribe and enjoy, you will not regret it,” reads the description of his profile. Supposedly, the former “boss” of the reality show “Acapulco Shore”, earn more than 9 million pesos a month with his OnlyFans.

In recent posts on her social media, the daughter of Mexican rocker Alex Loravocalist and leader of the legendary band El Tri, endorsed her throne as “the queen of OnlyFans”by sharing some daring photographs that she took with her friend, the also model Marcela Moss; both exude beauty and sensuality.

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Celia Lora left her thousands of followers speechless by showing off her impact figureusing a tight red body, with a pronounced neckline; She completed her sexy outfit look with a police cap.

“My eternal crush”, “tasty biscuits”, “a real Goddess”, “they are delicious”, “charmingly beautiful” and many more, are the compliments he has received Celia Lora39 years old and originally from Mexico City.

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In another of her posts on social networks, Celia Lora looks divine and flirtatious at the same time, modeling a pink bodysuit, “wow, how pretty you are and what a beautiful body you have,” said one of her followers. In general, the well-known playmate gives her fans a taste on Instagram of what they can find in her onlyfans.

“I am already the one who has OnlyFans and who is doing better in Mexico,” said Celia Lora during a talk with Jibranne Bazán, better known as Jey, one of the members of the reality show “Acapulco Shore”, for her program “Throwing the roll with Jey”, on his YouTube channel.

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