Accused of being “El Jaguar” in the case Debanhi Escobar is the brother of the owner of Alcosa


Nuevo León.- Since Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa was last seen in the early hours of Saturday, April 9, 2022, some proper names began to circulate on social networks, that of Gustavo Soto Miranda was one, another was the Nueva Castilla motel and one more was that of the Transportes Internacionales Alcosa company.

Although there is no proof that the transport company and the man are related to what happened to Debanhi Escobar, social networks and some media outlets were responsible for disseminating information about it.

It was Gustavo Soto himself who confessed to being half brother of the owner of Transportes Alcosaaccused by Mario Escobar, father of the deceased girl, of not providing the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office (FGJNL) with all the videos about his daughter.

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“Yes, he is my half brother, but I don’t go to that place, I only went once years ago and I haven’t gone back,” he said in an interview with YouTube content creator Kevin Nasevilla.

Notably Soto Miranda has assured on social networks not to be “El Jaguar”identity with which he was linked by publications on the internet.

The subject reiterated that his income comes from acting and playing poker, in addition, that he lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, where he has “what to defend himself with” because firearms are legal.

Gustavo Soto expressed that the Debanhi Escobar case changed his life completely, since, being related to it, he began to receive threats and various comments from different parts of the world.

One that he particularly pointed out in an interview with the communicator Oxlack Castro was that of someone who summoned him to a particular place in his city to talk about the 18-year-old girl at the time of her death, that was when he felt really exposed.

In the same interview, he reaffirmed that he had no relationship with the girl found lifeless on Thursday, April 21, in a cistern at the Nueva Castilla motel, in Escobedo, Nuevo León. In addition, he said he was willing to appear before the FGJNL if required.They demand a search for Martha Alejandra, she disappeared 10 days ago in Uruapan, Michoacán

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