Mikasa will also have her figure with interchangeable parts like Eren


Mikasa will also have a figure very similar to that of Eren Jaeger that went viral for his ‘colossal titan’, and you’ll even be able to swap his parts.

This is how it became known through social networks, where some fans of Attack on Titan They noted to the community that the companion of the protagonist is also sold with suggestive poses.

This mikasa figure is produced by Pink Studiosand although we know that you would love to see it uncensored, we will have to leave you the most soft we found.

This mikasa figure It can be with clothes or naked, and it also has interchangeable parts so that it looks as you see fit.

The measurements are 43.7 cm. high, 25 cm. wide and 27 cm. in diameter, so you will need some space to place it.

The package includes two heads, 3 upper body replacements, 2 pairs of legs, two swords and two bases.

Where do they sell the nude Mikasa figure?

Like the figure of Eren with his ‘colossal titan’you can find it in the store Fanatic Anime Storealthough you will need quite a lot of money.

If you want the complete kit you will have to pay $429 dollarsnot counting taxes and additional charges that may be added.

The bad news is that at the moment they do not have units available for sale, so you will have to search on your own to see if you have any luck.

We do not want to know the purposes for which they will use this little statue, but at least we know that a large part of the public would like to have it in their home.

Would you like to have the figure of Eren or would you prefer to have the one of my house to show them off when your relatives visit you? Tell us in the comments and Follow us on our social networks.


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